Roger Cheng

A former Chief Financial Officer with Yung Thai Holdings in the 70s and early 80s, Roger has established a reputation of being meticulous. With over 40 years of experience, he acts as an honorary advisor to the firm. Roger’s business philosophy of striving for win-win situations made him the best fit to fill the position. When he is not working, he is either traveling, or spending much time with his grandson, or both.

- Roger Cheng, Honorary Advisor

Matthew Tan

From being the Managing Director with a major European bank to the CEO of a regional boutique advisory outfit, Matthew often brings to the table pragmatic solutions to his clients. A fundamental approach based on principles of prudency and consistency. Matthew has agreed to join the board as Proven’s business philosophy recognizes these principles as amongst its key elements. Prudency, in particular, being the mother of all virtues. Not forgetting the promise of fine wine and occasional yoga retreat to India in union with divine.

- Matthew Tan, Honorary Chairman

Caesar Zhong

Formerly an Associate Director with one of the multi-national companies, Caesar started his marketing consortium – HQ Group of Companies where he meddled with above-the-line, below-the-line and through-the-line marketing. 6 years later, he found his focus to be in public relations, something he majored in Curtin University (Western Australia). And so he came full-circle. Armed with a penchant for words and a love for numbers (did we mention that he was a Banking & Finance graduate too?), Caesar assisted a number of public figures in their political careers, as well as brands in search of their corporate identities. He recommends Milan Kundera and lots of coffee.

- Caesar Zhong, Public Relations Director

Azhar Bin Othman

Executive Producer

A man of few words and mouse-clicker at presentations, Azhar is the mighty mouse you can rely on to save the day when your laptop crash before the last slide, and the client. Having ran an events company for 5 years, Azhar now watches over the production arm and shoot people, and products, with camera sometimes. Other times, he just dictates. He enjoys good ol’ Cuban cigars and time with his cats, Pablo Picatso and Tara Catchaha.

Timothy J. Smith

Senior IT Consultant

Trained in the IT programming, Tim speaks in an alien language, with an Australian accent. Having spent over 12 years in the IT, he assists at the firm in optimizing everything. Including our moods. Being optimistic always, Tim says, “Everyday’s a G’day.”

Owen Dager

Chief Editor; Ghostwriter

Loss for words at describing Owen, he is a walking irony. Having spent much time in London, Owen decides to spend the next half of his life in Asia. He spends his weekends exploring countries in Southeast Asia and asks for Monday-offs.